Metske is a producer from Nottingham who's passion for music started at an early age learning various acoustic instruments. 

This can be heard in his melodies, taking you on a psychadelic journey through his influences, spliced with wonky beats and abstract soundscapes.

His discovery of Skweee drove his direction towards 100bpm music, and was quicky noticed by Flogsta Dancehall and Harmonia 
Records, becoming the first UK artist to release tracks on both Scandinavian labels. Collaborating with Nottingham based Wigflex, he drew the attention of Mary Anne Hobbs and had a mix showcased on her show alongside Hizatron, then later a solo mix featured on her XFM show.

With an interest in hardware and electronics, his live appearances have been presented with a variety of controllers and 
synths, combined with the energy of his music to create an truely immersive experience when amplified through a soundsystem.

Latest Music